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How to Make Hard Apple Cider?

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Have you ever had homemade Hard Apple Cider? Once you have had it then you will definitely want to know how to make hard apple cider. It is definitely more delicious than the commercial ones. Go ahead, try and make your Hard Apple Cider by following these directions. Trust me, this Hard Apple Cider adds a distinctive and brilliant flavor to all your hard apple cider recipes
Homemade Hard Apple Cider stored in simple Glass jars
1 liter water
250 ml of carton apple juice
1 cup sugar
1 package (6 g) active dry yeast.
Soda bottle
Plastic wrap
Rubber bands

 There are three phases to preparing the Apple Cider:-

 Phase 1 –Prepare the Must for The Hard Apple Cider

  1. Take a 2 liter soda bottle and fill it with 250 ml of normal carton apple juice.
  2. Add 1 liter of water and then mix in your sugar. Sugar will help trigger the fermentation of the yeast.
  3. You can add some more sugar for extra flavoring but remember that it can also increase the alcoholic content.
  4. The Must, which in short is the combination of ingredients that has to be fermented, is now ready. Ensure that the ingredients are all well dissolved.

Phase 2 - Starting the Yeast Fermentation in the Hard Apple Cider

  1. If you are using dry yeast, soak it in dish with little water and sugar and leave it for 10-15 min.
  2. Now add the yeast to the Must and then loosely cover the mouth of the soda bottle with plastic wrap and tie the rubber band around the neck.  This loosely held over will let the gases from the fermentation out.
  3. Store in a cold and dark place where the initial fermentation can take place without any air contact. If you have moistened the yeast then it will finish fast. Typically it should take close to three weeks.

 Phase 3- Racking of the Hard Apple Cider

  1. To the end of the first fermentation, the yeast will fall out and settle at the bottom of the bottle. Using the funnel pour the cider from the first bottle into the second bottle, taking care that the yeast remain in the first bottle. This is called Racking.
  2. Don’t worry if some yeast falls into the second bottle you can rack the cider again.
  3. Since there might be more fermentation, cover the mouth of the second bottle with plastic wrap and rubber band, in the same fashion as before.


  • Leave some head space between the juice and the closed mouth.
  • Try not adding any preservatives, but if you want to you can add ascorbic acid
  • If you make Hard Apple Cider with baking yeast the alcohol content maybe very high (12%).
  • You should try and limit the exposure of the fermenting Must and fermented cider to air as much as possible to reduce the likelihood of contamination by air born molds.
  • Choose the best juice to make your Hard Apple Cider and make sure that there are no preservatives in it as they may hamper the fermentation process. There is nothing like fresh and natural apple juice if you can get your hands on it.

Now sit back and enjoy your Hard Apple Cider!

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How To Make Hard Apple Cider?