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How to brew Tea

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Tea – the quintessential golden liquid is one of the most widely consumed drinks, however, many shy away from this drink because they are not aware of how to brew tea the right way. Tea brewing is an art; there are several different varieties of tea available and even more methods of brewing your favorite cup of tea and there are several ways to brew. I am going to share some of the popular methods of tea brewing:


• Tea pot Method: This method is widely used by the English. For this you will need a tea pot set and tea leaves. Warm the tea pot by placing it in an oven or pouring hot water into it and then discarding. Add tea leaves to the pot (approx. 1tsp per person) and pour boiling water over it. Cover the tea pot and allow the tea to stand for 2 mins or more for the correct infusion to occur. The longer you steep the tea leaves the stronger and bitter the tea will be.  Strain the tea and serve hot with sugar.

Tea is the most widely consumed liquid, second only to waterDirect infusion Method: In this method small amount of tea is served directly into the tea cups. A kettle of hot water is offered to the tea drinkers. The tea drinkers add the hot water on the tea leaves and swirl the cup to allow proper infusion to occur. This method of brewing produces very light and mildly flavored tea. Use of tea bags is an example of direct infusion method.


• Kung Fu tea: This is a traditional tea brewing method used in China. Since it is a long and tedious process, I am going to explain only the gist of it here. For this you will need a traditional Kung Fu Cha set. The tea brewing method is very similar to Tea pot method explained earlier, However with one difference -  before infusion, the tea leaves are first placed in a pot and hot (not boiling) water is poured over them and the water is immediately discarded. The tea leaves are now ready to be added to the tea pot. This method of pre-treating the tea leaves enhances the aroma of the tea.


• Green Tea: Temperature and time of steeping plays an important role in brewing green tea.  For this the temperature of the water must not exceed 170oF. Warm a tea pot and pour hot water into it, add the desired amount of green tea leaves and steep for not more than 2-3mins, anything longer will turn the tea bitter. Now strain and serve the tea.


Indian Tea: Indian tea is a strongly flavored tea made using black tea. For this first add sugar and tea spices like ginger powder, cardamoms, and cloves to the water and boil for 5mins. Now add black tea leaves and steep the tea for 10mins. Add milk and serve hot.


Iced Tea: Prepare a light brew using tea pot or direct infusion method. Strain and pour into a glass partly filled with crushed ice. Add sugar, a dash of lemon and serve. 


These are just some of the innumerable ways in which tea is brewed around the world. There is no right or wrong method of tea brewing. Prepare your tea using the method that best suits your taste. 

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How To Brew Tea