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How To Remove Pumpkin Seeds

recovering pumpkin seeds
How to remove Pumpkin seeds, this can be tricky question, if you are scooping out pumpkin seeds for the first time.  Pumpkin seeds are undoubtedly a healthy treat. They are rich in zinc, Vitamin A and C. Mentioned below are certain steps that answers to the basic question on how to recover pumpkin seeds and you will not have to spend a large amount of money to get them. The task is not really difficult.


  1. Cut a big circle from the top of the pumpkin. The circle must be as big as possible. Remove this cut out from the pumpkin.

  2. Now scrape off the seeds(if any) from the pumpkin with the help of spoons. Put them all in a bowl. Discard the top.

  3. Now hold the spoon from its base and scrape off the seeds from the inside of the pumpkin till you remove all of them. Put all the meaty portion  and seeds in the same bowl.

  4. Now separate the seeds and place them in other bowl. Meaty portion can either be used for pies or refrigerated for later use.

  5. Remove the meaty portion from the seeds  and rinse them. The seeds must now be dried or roasted.

  6. Layer the seeds on a cookie sheet. Let them dry if you want to plant them else let the moisture at the surface dry and then you can roast them. 

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How To Remove Pumpkin Seeds