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Ginger makes the world go round...

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Indian GingerOk not quite everything is better with ginger, but it can sure bring an interesting taste fresh, candied, or dried to many dishes. I've been using it in all three forms for a long time now... I found the below article pretty interesting....


Ginger - a spice for all seasons

Marlene Sorosky Gray, Special to The Chronicle

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I fell in love with gingerbread years before I ever tasted it. The gingerbread that I was so fond of as a child was the story of the little gingerbread boy who ran out of the oven so fast that he managed to elude an old woman and man, a cow, a horse, a group of threshers and a host of others, only to be eaten up by a sly fox. The ending always made me sad, but it was obvious even to my young mind that if I could catch and eat a gingerbread boy, he would be delicious.

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Ginger Makes The World Go Round...