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Do you eat enough of the super star veggies?

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Do you eat enough of the super star veggies?5 Veggies That Make Any Salad Super-Healthy

Those fresh, delicious summer salads that sustain life in sauna-like weather? They can do a lot more than keep you cool. In fact, five salad veggies turn out to be antioxidant superstars. Toss a handful into any bowl and you'll instantly up your defenses against everything from wrinkles to heart disease and even help make your RealAge younger. Then season some olive oil and vinegar with a few of the herbs and spices below and you'll punch up the antioxidant power even more. Health food doesn't get any easy-breezier!
5 Superstar Veggies
Red chicory

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Interesting. Friendly Blogging tip: add pics of the 5 superstar veggie on top and then write about them. Free pic are available in wikipedia etc.
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Great idea but can't figure out how to get microsoft clip art via corel Paint Shop to insert into the txt?
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chuckle a few months later and some say I use too many photos. Shanti/Mary-Anne
Do You Eat Enough Of The Super Star Veggies?