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Thanksgiving Cookbooks - Thanksgiving ECookbook By Expert Chefs

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1. RuthsFoods: Need Thanksgiving ideas? Check out the beautiful cookbook from especially the vegan Pumpkin Pie, which uses our recipe!

2. Summer: I am very pleased that My stuffed Turkey recipe made it to this book. Thanks to staff for choosing my recipe to be among other great and delicious recipes.

3. Betty: This is a beautiful e-cookbook with color pictures and recipes for a bountiful Thanksgiving meal. I'm sure you will want to check it out. I will put a link on my channel page to the cookbook, and provide any information about the cookbook that I can. I am honored to have one of my recipes in such a gorgeous and useful e-cookbook.

4. Cary: Be sure to click here to download your own copy for FREE! They chose the best of the best, so all recipes look absolutely delicious!!! Can’t wait to try some of them out on our extended family over the holidays – vegetarian style, of course.

5. Ramona: My Cinnamon Basil Baked Cranberry Sauce recipe is featured in iFood.TV Thanksgiving eCookbook. Thanks!

6. RV Cooking Show: Just in time for the big day, RV Cooking Show friends have put together this complimentary Thanksgiving eCookbook chock full of delicious dishes, lovely libations and terrific tips to make your Thanksgiving meal an event!

7. Canola Oil Growers: Check out our recipe in the cookbook!

8. Art of the Buffet: Great cookbook!

9. Robin Benzle: Great cookbook!

10. Cooking with Cathy: Love it.

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