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About Us is a multi-platform video channel for food and cooking content. videos are available on the web (, mobile devices (iOS and Android), and Connected TV platforms (Roku, Boxee, Google TV and others). Within a short period of time, has not only curated the largest library of cooking videos but also become the most-trafficked site in the food-video space. Businesses are increasingly using the platform to connect with their target audience and drive awareness for their brands and products.

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Content Library

  • 35,000 videos spanning a variety of cuisines, courses, and interests
  • 200,000 text recipes manually reviewed and edited by our editors
  • Over 20,000 articles, How-to guides, and Q&As
  • Largest Culinary Database (1 million+ terms) with taxonomy and relationship information

Website Traffic

  • 4 million Monthly Unique visitors on
  • 80% are from the United States
  • 40 million monthly Ad impressions
  • ~ 250,000 daily video streams

Content Partner Ecosystem

We have worked with 600+ video producers to bring foodies around the world the largest video recipe library on
the web. The content varies from recipes to instructional how-to videos to educational videos. If you are looking
to partner with us, send us an email: biz @ ifood dot tv.

Publisher Partner Ecosystem

A growing network (currently 100+) of sites is using for their monetization need. Our audience is
segmented into smaller, niche networks (ex: Vegan, Raw, Wine, Cocktails etc) that can be individually targeted to
deliver high impact campaigns for brands.

Video Distribution

We offer high-quality, contextually relevant video content to websites who wish tap in to our network of video producers. In a matter of minutes, they can integrate any one of our videos players with their platform. Our selection of players is outlined below:

Advertising Solutions

There are three aspects to our advertising product:

1Targeting Niche Audience

Given the specificity with which consumers are now selecting their food, it is imperative that brands target the correct audience. Advertising on mass-market channels does not help. Through our technology and publisher network, provides brands with access to niche audience at scale.

2Advertise across Platforms

Through, users can be targeted on web sites and blogs, across social media platforms, mobile devices, and Connected TV platforms. gets videos produced, blogs written, deals “liked,” and coupons tweeted seamlessly across multiple platforms.

3Engaging Campaigns helps brands connect with their audience in an environment that fits into the look and feel of a particular context and user-experience. This ensures that users engage with the message, spread it by word-of-mouth, and kick-start the grass-root campaign.

Cookbook Promotion

Authors, publishers and product partners use the platform and publisher network to promote their recent and upcoming projects. We have had relationships with Random House, Sandra Lee, and Nigella Lawson to name a few.

Product Promotion

Food product companies utilize as a platform to promote new and existing products. They can do this solely via our website or cross-promote by tapping into our Featured Partner network and taking advantage of product placement and review opportunities. Our clients include brands such as 1800 Tequila, KitchenAid, and VitaMix.

Alok Ranjan, Founder

With an MBA from Columbia, Alok’s expertise is in the New Media industry. Enter, an outlet where Alok can satisfy both his intellectual and culinary passions.

Favorite quote: “Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie.” ~Jim Davis

Vikrant Mathur, Co-Founder

Vikrant spent over ten years of his career helping startups launch cool products and have successful exits. Now, he serves as the "single malt" expert at

Favorite food quote: “The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook.” ~Julia Child

Lisa Gonia, Marketing Associate

I am a California native and a recent graduate of the University of Oregon, where I obtained a BA in marketing as well as a minor in journalism. I enjoy cooking, baking, sleeping, doing things outdoors, and cheering on my favorite sports teams: the San Francisco Giants, the Oregon Ducks, and the San Francisco 49ers.

Favorite food quote: “Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy food, which is sort of the same thing.”

Lydia Fang, Business Development

Lydia is a self-proclaimed taste master. Her passion for food and strategy mapping have brought her to

Favorite food quote: “I come from a family where gravy is considered a beverage.” ~ Erma Bombeck

Background What We Do Team News About Us is a multi platform video channel for food and cooking content. videos are available on the web mobile devices iOS and Android and Connected TV platforms Roku Boxee Google TV and others .