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Vindaloo is a popular Indian Curry dish which has gained popularity through Germany, Canada, Middle East, Australia and United States. The Vindaloo is inspired by the Portuguese dish "Carne de Vinha d' Alhos",which is prepared from garlic, meat, wine and pork. It is often confused as the dish made of potatoes because the Hindi word for potato is aloo which resonates well with vindaloo. The dish has become the chief curry dish of Goa where it is prepared with lots of local spices and malt vinegar. Vindaloo is also known with its alternate names vindalho or vindallo. The spicier version of this dish which is enjoyed in Bangladesh is known as Tindaloo.

History of Vindaloo Recipes

The Vindaloo dish originated in Portugal and it was introduced in India by Portuguese colonists who settled in Goa. The original vindaloo recipe was altered over the time to accommodate the local ingredients and local tastes.

Popular Vindaloo Recipes

• Chicken Vindaloo: This delicious curried chicken dish is often enjoyed with traditional Indian flatbreads or basmati rice. This can be teamed with wines such as Almaden Mountain Chablis Rose and Laird Cabernet Sauvignon Diamond Mount.

• Lamb Vindaloo: This is a spicy meat dish which is also enjoyed with Indian flatbreads and basmati rice. As most of the Indian restaurants which serve this dish called vinDALOO stressing on the second word more.

• Pork Vindaloo: This is a classic hot and spicy Indian pork stew which is enjoyed with bread.

• Beef Vindaloo: White wine vinegar and sugar is used in the preparation of the dish.

• Vegetable Vindaloo: White wine vinegar is mixed with various types of vegetable.

Features of Vindaloo Recipes

Vindaloo features on the list of many of the well-known Indian restaurant menus across the world. Across some states of India the same curry is prepared by substituting potato in place of the lamb because in India lamb is costlier than chicken. Folklore indicates that potato was added to absorb the salt excess salt from the traditional curry prepared by a cook and the tradition of adding potatoes started from there. Dried red chillies, Cumin, Garlic, Cinnamon, mustard seeds and pepper are the spices that are generally used in the preparation of vindaloo.

Health and Nutrition Information Associated With Vindaloo Recipes

The Vindaloo curry is supposed to be one of the rich sources of dietary fibers and proteins. The people who are suffering from ulcers should stay away from spicy vindaloo curries served across some of the restaurants in India.


• The dish was mentioned in the 1978 punk song "I Just Want to Have Something To Do,"by the American punk group Ramones.

• The British soccer anthem for the 1998 FIFA World cup was named “Vindaloo” after the dish.

• Dave Lister the character from science-fiction comedy Red Dwarf terms this as his favorite food.

• Vindaloo also became a part of TV show. In American TV Show Outsourced the main character was made to eat this food with a trick.