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Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh food consists of the food prepared in the State of Uttar Pradesh, India. It consists of the famous Awadhi and Mughlai cuisines and comprises vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods. The Uttar Pradesh cuisine is similar to the foods prepared in Punjab and Kashmir. Dum biryani, kababs, and kormas are some of the famous dishes made in this region.

Historical and Cultural Influences

The State was ruled by the Mughal Empire between 16th century to 18th century, and Mughlai style of cooking still prevails in the state. Hindus and Muslims are the major communities who reside here. While some Hindu communities eat vegetarian food, the rest of the people prefer non-vegetarian dishes.

Common Ingredients

Rice, wheat, lentils, vegetables, and meat are the common ingredients used to cook Uttar Pradesh food. Paneer is frequently added to dishes. Rich spices such as saffron and cardamom are used.

Everyday Food

Roti, puri, dal, rice varieties, sabzi, and meat dishes are foods that are consumed every day. Rotis are of different types, including naan, paratha, kulcha, roomali and tandoori rotis. Rice varieties include plain steamed rice, pulav, and fried rice. Korma, salan, keema, and kebabs are common side dishes. Korma is a thick gravy with meat. Salan is a gravy dish, made with meat or vegetable. Minced meat is called keema. Pasanda is a mild meat or vegetarian curry made with cream, yoghurt, and nuts. Samosa, kachori, and pakora are common snacks made here.

Traditional UP foods

Lucknowi biryani, kadi chawal, murgh musallam, zamin doz macchli, palak paneer, pasanda paneer, and nihari are some of the traditional Uttar Pradesh foods. Lucknowi biryani is made with mutton or chicken and is cooked in the stock of meat. Murgh musallam is a dish made by marinating and cooking a whole chicken. This is often served with ghee rice. The zamin doz macchli is a special dish made with fish. A whole fish is marinated and stuffed with spices. It is then placed in earthenware and sealed with wheat dough. This is buried underground and cooked with charcoal fire directly above it for a few hours.

Festival Foods of Uttar Pradesh

Kheer, gulab jamun, gujiya, halwa, kulfi, petha, and imarti are some of the sweet dishes made in this region. Gulab jamun is a ball-shaped sweet dish prepared by using a milk-based dough. The balls are deep fried and soaked in sugar syrup. Gujiya is made with maida and ghee with a sweet stuffing made from khoya, coconut, and nuts. Kulfi is a frozen milk-based dessert. Imarti is prepared using urad dal, sugar, water, and ghee. It is also called jhaangri.

Health Benefits of UP Cuisine

Meat, wheat, and vegetables are the primary source of protein and vitamins. Since most of Uttar Pradesh foods are based on wheat, they are rich in fiber and help with digestion. Wheat also regulates blood sugar levels and is less in cholesterol. Thus, it reduces the risk of heart disease and is good for people suffering from diabetes.