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Uttapam is a thick pancake recipe made up of dal and rice. Uttapam is a side dish served in South Indian cuisine.

How to make uttapam?

For uttapam, urad dal(Indian pulses) and rice mixture is made. Mixture is fermented before grinding to a paste. It is often called ‘Indian Pizza’. The batter is poured on a griddle in a form of pancake and vegetables like chopped tomato, onion and coriander leaves are sprinkled on the pancake and cooked. Uttapam is served with sauce or coconut chutney (Indian condimen

Uttapam recipes

These days many uttapam mix are available in market in packed form. However, homemade uttapam mix is a healthy and great recipe. Chili onion uttapam, corn uttapam, suji uttapam and mix vegetable uttapam are the various kind of uttapam recipes.