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The Tripuri food is the type of cuisine that is mostly served in the northeast Indian state of Tripura. The Tripuris are essentially non vegetarians and hence the main courses are mainly prepared using meat, but with the addition of vegetables. Dishes prepared with fish and rice top the menu of Tripuri cuisine.

Popular Tripuri Recipes / Dishes:

It goes without saying that Tripura culture is noted for unique gastronomic delights. The traditional Tripuri cuisine is known as Mui Borok. Tripuri food comprises of a key ingredient called Berma i.e. a dried and fermented fish. Moreover, this food is very healthy as it is prepared without oil. Flavor wise, Berma is more on the sour side. Tripuri food such as delectable bangui rice and fish stews, scrumptious bamboo shoots, fermented fish, local herbs, and fascinating meat roasts are extremeky popular within and outside the state.

Widely Used Ingredients in Tripuri Food:

Pork, chicken, mutton, turtle, crabs, frog, fish and prawns are the hot- favorites and hence top the list of ingredients used in Tripuri food. A section of Vaishnavaites savor main foods like Chakhwi, Mwkhwi, Muitru. Among the vegetables, Khaklu, Chakumura, pumpkin, Siping, brinjal, Belso are common, which are cooked plain or in combination with meat. Most of the Tripuri household serves genuine Bengali Food too.