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Tilkut is a dry and hard sweet, made from pounded sesame seeds and jaggery or sugar. It is a specialty of Bihar, India. The recipe may be time consuming since the seeds have to be hand pounded. This sweet savory is available in three variants. It is made of refined sugar, unrefined sugar or jaggery. The color and texture of this sweet may change due to the different ingredients. It is usually round in shape like cookies. It may also be cut into squares. This sweet dish is crispy and crunchy.

History of the Tilkut Recipe

The history of this dish is almost 200 years old. Traditionally, this sweet dish was consumed during winters to create heat in the body. Even today, the streets of Bihar, especially Gaya and Patna are flooded with vendors during the Makar Sankrant season, which is a Hindu festival.

Ingredients and Preparation Method of Tilkuts

Traditionally, the preparation of tilkut was quite time consuming since it was pounded with hand. These days, the preparation time of this dish has reduced drastically since the sesame seeds are grounded in a mixer grinder or blender. The list of ingredients include sesame seeds, jaggery, pure ghee and condensed milk. Jaggery is melted with ghee in a pan until it turns light brown. Grounded sesame seeds are added and stirred for a minute and the tilkut is ready.

Popular Tilkut Recipe

Apart from jaggery, the sugar based tilkut is quite popular too. In fact, it is gaining a lot of popularity these days. The traditional jaggery recipe is now losing its place.

Health and Nutritional Value

This sweet savory is well known for its medicinal properties. When consumed in moderation, it can heal chronic constipation. Moreover, tilkut has a warm effect on the body and is therefore eaten in winters. This dish may be high in calories, but is beneficial when eaten in moderation.