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Thepla is a type of flat bread baked on a griddle.It is a dish belonging to Indian cuisine. It is a healthy snack item mainly made by rolling the dough made of flour and other vegetable stuffing. Thepla is one of the snacks that can be easily carried while travelling. It is a popular side dish mostly eaten with tea or after dinner.

Origin of Thepla Recipes

The dish belongs to the Gujarat state of India. It is actually a type of Methi paratha and has fenugreek leaves as one of its main ingredients. Theplas are made in various parts of India and people of every state love to eat this methi bread.

Method of Preparation and Ingredients Used in Thepla Recipe

Thepla recipes are easy to follow. To make a tasty thepla dish one needs whole wheat flour, curd, coriander powder, turmeric powder, red chili powder, cumin seeds, salt, thyme, water and cooking oil.

All the thepla ingredients are mixed in a bowl except water and oil. Water is added and soft dough is prepared, which is kept aside for half an hour. Round shaped breads are rolled from small balls of dough and baked on a griddle by using a little oil. The bread is baked evenly until golden brown from both sides. When the bread is ready, white butter or clarified butter is put on the top to make it taste better. Fresh curds or ripe bananas are often added to the thepla dough in order to make this bread softer so that they can be easily chewed even when cold. No refrigeration is needed to store theplas. Theplas remain fresh for over a period of week.

Theplas are served hot with pickles and dips. It can also be eaten as main course dish with vegetables.

Popular Thepla Recipes

  • Doodhi Thepla- This flat bread is made by using bottle gourd as one of the main ingredients. It is a nutritious dish which is rich in fiber. They also contain protein and calcium.

  • Mooli Theplas- Mooli theplas contain grated radish mixed with chickpea flour and spices. These theplas are commonly made in Gujarati houses and are eaten with mango pickles.

  • Sweet Thepla- Sweet theplas are like by children. They can be made by adding sugar or jaggery. This bread is an ideal food item for babies also.

Nutritional Value of Theplas

A thepla recipe makes use of fenugreek leaves. The unique tasting leaves are rich in calcium and magnesium. Calcium helps in having strong bones and teeth whereas magnesium is rich in anti-aging properties. This dish is low in calories and saturated fats also. Thepla is a nutritious dish which can be relished at any time of the day.