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Teej food consists of scrumptious delicacies which are prepared all over North India and in some parts of Nepal by the women for their husbands and families. The delicious teej recipes are purely vegetarian and the food on this day is consumed by women only after breaking their fast.

Traditional Teej Foods

Kheer- It is a popular teej food which comprise of milk, rose water, cardamom, cooked rice and sugar. This dessert can be served hot or cold and is one of the satvic bhojanas. This sweet delicacy marks the arrival of monsoons.

Ghevar- It is Rajasthani food which is round in shape and is made from cottage cheese. It is sweet in taste and has a crunchy flavor.

Churma- Yet another popular food of Rajasthan, it is a combination of roasted flour and sugar.

Malpua- It is a traditional dessert in the form of fritters. Malpuas are very popular during teej celebrations. They are crisp from outside, and mushy from within.

Significance of Teej Recipes

Teej food holds a lot of importance during its celebration. The married and engaged ladies keep a fast for the whole day, sometimes even without a sip of water. After the worship of God Shiv and goddess Parvati, the fast is concluded by eating a bite from husband’s hand. As per the tradition, doing so creates a stronger bond of love between the couple.

Trivia- Teej

The women of the family eat their meals on the teej day before sunrise. The food usually comes from mother’s place and is called Sinjara. Apart from food, sinjara also contains some cosmetics and gifts.