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Shahi Paneer

Shahi Paneer is one of the most popular dishes especially in the northern parts of India. Shahi, which translates into English as royal and paneer, meaning cottage cheese is a delectable preparation of cubes of cottage cheese that is cooked in a thick tomato, curd and milk based gravy. Alterations can be made to the Shahi Paneer recipe depending on one’s personal preferences and requirements. Thick, creamy and spicy, Shahi Paneer recipe is supposed to have been originated during the Mughal rule. Shahi Paneer is considered a rich delicacy and is an integral part of most menus in Indian and Mughlai restaurants. On special occasions such as festivals and parties, Shahi Paneer is included as part of the menu even at homes, since it is a favorite dish of most North Indians. The other factor, which contributes towards its popularity, is the ease with which Shahi Paneer recipe can be made and a really short duration span a delectable delicacy can be created.