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Sandesh recipe is followed for making a sweet dish that uses milk, sugar and chena, paneer or khoya and is given any desired shape following which, it is garnished with edible colors, nuts, saffron and silver leaves. In spite of being a dry food, it is usually soft and melts in mouth. Prepared in a variety of flavors, Sandesh can be of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, pineapple and mango flavors and can easily be prepared at home. The dish is mostly a part of the road side sweet shops or the classy confectionery shops in India, especially West Bengal, and is a part of the feast not only during festivals and special occasions but also for general consumption. The delicacy is a nutritious dish and is recommended in case of weakness and dizziness. It can be stored in an air tight container in refrigerators to keep it fresh for a few days.

Origin of Sandesh Recipe

Sandesh recipe is the oldest dessert recipes of India and is believed to have originated in West Bengal where it is popular as Shondesh. Gujarati cuisine also includes the dish as a dessert, while in Dhaka it is renowned as pranahara.

Ingredients and Method of Preparation: Sandesh recipe

The prime ingredients mentioned in sandesh recipe are milk, chena or paneer together with sugar. The homemade cheese is rubbed rigorously till oil starts to separate and then sugar is added. It is re-heated to make it smooth and soft. The seasoning is done with rose water, essence, cardamom powder, nutmeg, saffron and nuts like almond, pistachios and cashew. The addition of cocoa powder and chocolate essence leads to the creation of chocolate sandesh. It is made to the desired shape with hands or in moulds and garnishing is done. Sometimes, corn flour is also added in order to bind it properly.

Variations in Sandesh Dishes
The original chena sandesh recipe can be altered with the use of homemade or readymade khoya. The use of sugar can be replaced with jaggery especially in winters. With a variety of fruit syrup, essence and color the sweet dishes with countless flavors can be made.

Serving Sandesh
Sandesh can be a part of the main food or snack which can be served in its basic form or can be added to reduced milk or cream to make some innovative and delicious desserts. It is best garnished with rose petals, saffron on nuts.

Some Health Facts Related to Sandesh Recipe

Being a light dish, Sandesh is healthy as it supplements a good source of protein, carbohydrate and sugar thereby providing energy. The consumption is advised for children, for pregnant women and for those suffering from anemia.