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Roti, also commonly referred to as Phulka, when made think, light and fluffy, is a variety of flatbread traditional to many regions in India and Pakistan. Most often made from wheat flour and cooked in an iron griddle, roti is a much healthier option to naan, another variety of flatbread. Slightly resembling tortilla in its appearance, roti is rather soft and fluffy and is normally eaten with dry or gravy vegetable dishes.

Rotti can refer to two types of food items- Kori Rotti and Jolada Rotti. Kori Rotti is a popular dish which belongs to the cuisine of Coastal Karnataka in India. It is prepared from a combination of dry bread made from rice flakes and red chili chicken curry. Jolada Rotti is an unleavened bread which belongs to the cuisine of North Karnataka in India. The word Jolada Rotti literally means jowar bread and jowar or sorghum is the main ingredient used in Jolada Rotti Recipes.