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Ras Malai

Ras malai is an Indian milk based sweet liquid dessert colored white and yellow, if saffron forms an ingredient in the dish. Ras malai recipe is mostly popular during festive seasons like diwali, durga puja, holi among other noted ones. The milk is thickened by repeated boiling and chaana which is a vital ingredient of rasmalai recipe is prepared by mixing lemon juice into milk. Adequate amount of almonds or cashews are poured over rasmalai and also some extra saffrons are sprinkled which in turn serves the purpose of garnishing.

Rasmalai is a soft spongy steamed dumpling soaked in clotted cream (malai) and flavored with cardamom, saffron and pistachios. It is made from cottage cheese or ricotta cheese. This sweet dish is very soft and can melt in the mouth. It is a popular South Asian dessert and is eaten in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The sweet is usually served chilled and is popular during festive season and weddings. It is considered to be a rich dessert item.

History of the Rasmalai Recipe

This milk based dessert originated in coastal Orissa. It bears resemblance to another Indian sweet from Bengal, the rasagulla. Both these dishes are milk based. However, there is slight variation in the ingredients. The Rasmalai is either white in color or yellow. It gets the yellow color from saffron flavoring. This dessert is not too sweet in taste.

Ingredients and Preparation Method of Rasmalais

The ingredients include soft, non-matured Indian cheese commonly referred as cottage cheese or ricotta cheese. The other ingredients include sweetened and thickened milk (use full cream milk), dried fruits, saffron, sugar and cardamom powder. The dough for rasmalai is made from cottage cheese. The balls soaked in sugar syrup are added to the thickened and sweetened milk (lightly sweetened) and chilled. Although preparing the rasmalai may not seem to be time consuming, it can take quite a few hours. Typically, the difficult part involves the process of thickening milk and making cottage cheese at home.

Serving Style of Rasmalais

This sweet dish is served chilled and garnished with dried fruits and powdered cardamom seeds. It can also be decorated with gold or silver leaf.

Health and Nutritional Value of the Rasmalai Recipe

This sweet dessert is high in calories and fat. One serving or approximately 400 grams contains about 400 calories and fat of about 180g. It also contains protein since the milk content is quite high in rasmalai.

This sweet dish has an amazingly soft texture and is quite light on the stomach, since it is not deep fried.


The cottage cheese balls can be stuffed with blanched pistachios for additional taste.