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Pushkar food refers to the food made in town of Pushkar in Rajasthan, India. It is considered as a holy town by the Hindus. Therefore, the food made in Pushkar is strictly vegetarian.

Geographical and Cultural Influences

Pushkar cuisine is dependent on available ingredients due to the hot climate of the region. Also, the cuisine is entirely vegetarian due to the town’s religious orientation.

Common Ingredients

Rice, gram flour, lentils, vegetables, curd, and spices like garlic, ginger, and turmeric are some common ingredients available here. Pure ghee is also used in many dishes.

Everyday and Traditional Pushkar Food

Rice, chapatti, puri, and vegetable dishes are some of the everyday Pushkar foods. Khatta chawal missi roti, daal baati churma, aloo bharta, methi ke gatte, pakori kadhi, rajasthani bhindi, papad ki sabzi, and khasta puri are some of the popular dishes made here.

The dal bati churma is made with wheat balls which are dipped in a rich spicy dal dish. This dish is made entirely with pure ghee as the cooking medium. The missi roti is a spicy roti made with gram flour, chilli powder, and spices. Aloo bharta is prepared by mixing boiled and mashed potatoes with spices and onions. This is served with roti or paratha. Papad ki sabzi is again served with roti and is made by breaking the papad and cooking it with curd and chilli powder. The pakori kadhi is a dish of chickpea fritters in yoghurt/chickpea curry. Khasta puri is made with maida flour and carom seeds.

Pushkar is renowed for the sweet dish called malpua. This is made with thick milk or chenna and drenched in sugar syrup. It is often served with fresh cream.

Health Benefits of Pushkar Foods

The Pushkar cuisine makes use of all the available pulses, millets, and vegetables. These are a good source of protein and vitamins for the people. Pure ghee, which is used widely in Pushkar, helps keep them cool in the hot arid weather. However, the ghee dishes may not be healthy for other people, when consumed on a regular basis .