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Puliyogare is a tangy flavored South Indian rice preparation, which is generally served as a snack. This popular dish is widely appreciated for the thick spicy tamarind sauce blended with a cup of rice and peanuts. Traditionally, this dish was made by utilizing some boiled or even steamed rice combined with freshly made tamarind juice. Widely made during popular Indian festivals like Diwali, it is extremely popular all across the country for the strong effect tamarind over the fried rice.

Origin of Puliyogare

The origin of Puliyogare recipe is closely associated to the Iyengar community of South India. Although the dish is popularly known as a specialty of the Iyengar community, South Indian Sri Vaishnava temples serve the best dish in the whole country. The word puliyogare is derived from two different Halegannada words, puli and ogara, which means sour tastes and rice respectively. Also known as Huli anna, it is an extremely popular dish in the South Indian state of Karnataka.

Ingredients Suggested by Puliyogare Recipe

Puliyogare recipe suggests use of ingredients such as groundnuts or peanuts, tamarind juice, coriander, red chilli, coconut, curry leaves, pepper, jaggery, mustard, turmeric, fenugreek, urad dal, asafoetida, and cumin. Ingredients like mustard seeds, urad dal, channa dal, red chilies, curry leaves, turmeric powder, salt and oil are mostly used as the main flavoring agents.

Puliyogare Recipe Overview

The method of making this dish is mainly divided into two sections, i.e. making the tamarind sauce and making the rice.

The method of making tamarind sauce initiates with making a fine paste of the tamarind. Then, the tamarind is washed with plain water and filtered to separate the juice. The juice is then boiled in a pan with some oil to get fine tamarind sauce. This sauce can also be stored in a tight container for many days when placed in a refrigerator.

Similarly, the rice needs to be prepared separately. The rice is normally cooked separately and allowed to cool. Then, the sauce is added to rice uniformly along with some salt. Lastly, seasoning ingredients are added to the rice with some peanuts or cashews.

Serving Puliyogare

Traditionally, this South Indian rice treat is served with other popular South Indian side dishes such as masal vadai or chips. Apart from this, it can even be served alone as a snack.