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Payasam is a South Indian sweet dish. Payasam is a traditional dish and also known as kheer. This dish is made from rice or wheat boiled in milk with sugar. Cardamom, almonds, cashew nuts, pistachio and saffron are added for extra flavor. Variations of payasam in different regions In North India, Pakistan and Nepal, payasam is known as ‘kheer’. Kheer is traditionally served in Hindu and Muslim weddings and at the time of festivals. It is known as ‘Payesh’ in Bengal. Payesh is served as a traditional dish at the weaning ceremony of an infant in Bengal. In Orissa (East India), payasam is made with ‘jaggery’ instead of sugar. In Hyderabad (South India), payasam is called ‘Gil e firdaus’. Payasam recipes Vermicelli payasam, rice pudding, sago payasam and pineapple payasam are some of the recipes made with payasam.