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Pandoli is a soft, steamed dumpling that is eaten with chutney. This breakfast item is a popular Indian dish that is common among Gujarati community. The traditional preparation method is little complicated and requires practice. However, it can be made in moulds used for steaming idli, which is another popular dish in South India. The pandoli recipe does not involve any frying method and the dish can be prepared without oil, hence it is a healthy and nutritional dish.

History of Pandoli

This Indian recipe does not have any clear evidence of its invention. However, it has been a popular breakfast/snack item among Gujaratis who belong to the state of Gujarat in India.

Ingredients and Preparation Method of Pandoli Recipe

The ingredients are split green gram dal, green chili, ginger, salt, oil, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, curd, asafoetida, lemon juice and fruit salt. The split green gram is soaked in water overnight and is made into a coarse paste. All the other ingredients are added to the batter after tempering. The mustard seeds should crackle so that they don’t give a raw and bitter taste. The batter is spooned on a muslin cloth, which is tied over hot boiling water. Idli mould can be used if this process seems little difficult.

Nutritional Value of Pandoli

This dish is rich in protein since it is made of green gram dal.