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Mysore Food is primarily rice based just like most cuisines in other parts of South India. Dosas and idlis form an integral part of this cuisine and the different variations of Mysore chutneys, dosa and idlis are popular all over the world. Conventional Mysore dishes are delicious, wholesome and generally simple to make. Majority of the dishes are vegetarian, rice based and often served with chutney.

Popular dishes of Mysore Cuisine

  • Chitrana : A popular rice based dish made by cooking rice with turmeric, and lime juice and laced with groundnut and minced coriander leaves.
  • Vangibath : Rice cooked with eggplant and spices.
  • Pulliyoigrae : Rice that is flavored with tamarind juice and garnished with nuts.
  • Bisibelebath : Most popular of all the rice based dishes. It’s a sumptuous meal made by a generous combination of rice, tamrind, chilli powder, dried coconut, lentils and cooked with various vegetables and spices.

There are plenty of vegetables based curies and side dishes within the Mysore food palette that are eaten with rice. Some of the popular ones are listed below.

  • Palyas : Vegetable salad made from finely grated and boiled vegetables, coconut, chillies and seasoned with mustard and curry leaves.
  • Gojju : Vegetables mixed with chilli powder and cooked in tamarind juice.
  • Tovve : Cooked Dal with minimal seasoning.
  • Saaru : Thick broth of vegetables and lentils cooked with tamarind, cpices and grounded coconut.

Mysore Cuisine Variations
There are many variations of dosas in mysore. The most popular being masala dosa which is basically dosa with potato filling. Other dosa variations include set dosa(sets of 3 or 4 pancakes served with thick soup), semolina dosa and rava dosa. There are also many variations of idlis with some differing in the ingredients used like rava idli whilst there are others with shape variations like the thatte idli or flat idli. The most popular breakfast among Mysore food is uppittu which is essentially roasted and cooked semolina laced with mustard, coriander leaves , cumin seeds and chillies. Other popular breakfast preparations include uthapam(thicker version of dosa made from rice and urat dal), puri playa, kesari bath(semolina based sweet) and vada.

Desserts of Mysore

The most popular sweet from the Mysore cuisine is Mysore Pak which is basically a fudge made from gram flour. Mysore is also home to some unique sweets like chiroti that is a flaky and crunchy pastry made from almond milk, flour and powdered sugar. Holige is another sweet that is unique to Mysore. It is made by filling chappati(wheat pancake) with jaggery and coconut and frying gently on a skillet. There is also a wet dessert called shavige payasa that is basially sweet vermicelli mixed with milk dired fruits and cardamom. The desserts complement many varieties of Mysore food.