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Murukku, also known as chakli and chakri, is a South-Indian delicacy made from the blend of rice flour and urad. Murukku recipes are popularly savored as quick snacks in India, especially, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Maharashtra and some regions of Sri Lanka. The dish is particularly famous in countries populated with Tamil descendants like Malaysia and Fiji. Typically, Murukku tastes crispy and salty and appears in form of a coil.

History of Murukku recipes:
Murukku is an innate part of the Tamil cuisine as the dish was originated in the Southern sub-continent of India centuries back. In the earlier times, most of the Murikku recipes were home-made. However, owing to its delectable taste and ease of preparation, the concept of Murukku spread to the entire Indian sub-continent and is today available as a ready-to-eat snack in grocery stores. In fact, the dish has gained an entry to the UK market and is sold under the name “Chakri”.

Ingredients used and popular methods of preparation of Murukku recipes:
Murukku is traditionally prepared from a fine blend of rice flour, urad, salt and a choice of flavorings like cumun, chili, asafetida or ajawain. The preparation method for most of the Murukku recipes is same.

  • Blending- The ingredients of Murukku, rice flour, urad and seasonings are blended and mixed into a fine mixture. Shaping- The mixture is then mechanically shaped into spiral or coil shapes.
  • Deep frying- the spirals are then deep fried until they turn into crisp-brown appeal.

Serving and eating Murukku recipes:
Murruku is generally prepared to celebrate Indian festivities, especially Diwali, Krishna Jayanti and Vinayaka Chaturthi. The delicacy is often cooled right after its preparation and stored in an air-tight container to ensure its longevity. In many South-Indian households, the dish is prepared as a part of the grand feast on days of family gatherings and parties. The dish is ideally served cold with or without any condiments like coconut chatni.

Popular variations of Murukku recipes"
Variations of the traditional Murukku are implemented to serve the individual’s need and preferences. Given below are some of the most popular variations of Murukku recipes.

  • Butter Murukku- a delicacy of white butter, rice flour and gram flour.
  • Green gram dal Murukku- a delicacy of green gram dal, rice flour.
  • Gram flour Maida Murukku- a delicacy of maida, sesame, butter and rice flour Sweet Murukku- a delicacy of sugar, green gram powder, sesame seeds and rice flour