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Murabba, also spelled marraba or murrabo, is a sweet and sour savory pickle, which is like a preserve that gets its name from the Middle Eastern Asian country, Arabia. This Arabic derivative is also popular in Pakistan and India, especially in Gujarat, where it is generally served as an accompaniment with chapati. Although many ingredients are used in making a sweet sour pickle, this particular murabba recipe is made of Gooseberry, also known as ‘amla’ in India. Depending on the local taste, there are many variations to the recipe of Murabba.

Origin of Murabba Recipe

Murabba is believed to have originated in Gurjistan (today’s Georgia), where it was and still is made from locally available fruits such as cherries, strawberries and other locally available fruits with very few changes to the murabba recipe. In order to escape the invaders, the Gurjars as the locally Gurjistan people were known, moved and settled in India, in three regions i.e., Gujarat, Rajasthan and North Jammu and also in the Northern region of Gujarat, bordering Pakistan. In fact, Gujarat gets its name from the initial settlements of the Gurjars and they are the people who first made the immensely popular murabba.

Preparation of Murabba Recipe

Murabba can be made out of various fruits such as apricot, strawberries, gooseberries, amla, etc. Whatever may be the ingredient, the basic murabba recipe and other ingredients remain the same. Irrespective of the fruit, the other ingredients required to make the savory pickle are alum, sugar and water. The fruit needs to be washed thoroughly and soaked in alum water. After 24 hours, the fruit is washed thoroughly and dropped into boiling water for a few minutes. Meanwhile, sugar is added to water and made into syrup. The fruit is again added to the syrup and allowed to soak for 24 hours, after which the pieces are taken out and the syrup restored to its original consistency. The fruit pieces are once again added to the syrup, after adding citric acid, cinnamon sticks and saffron and the earlier process repeated for another 4 days. Once done, the murabba can be stored for a long time.

Variations of Murabba Recipe

Murabba is a broad term used to define the sweet savory pickle/preserve. There are many variations to the murabba recipe and some popular ones other than the amla murabba are the ones made from mangos, apples, carrots, apricots, etc.

Murabba Recipe Trivia

Murabba is very high in vitamin C, as it mostly made of fruits that are rich the vitamin.