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Mizoram food or Mizo cuisine comprises the authentic foods and drinks consumed in the North East Indian state of Mizoram, which is characterized as a blend of North Indian and Chinese cuisines. Traditionally served on fresh green banana leaves, Mizo meals are known to be only mildly spicy and simple in taste with high nutritive value. Some popular Mizo recipes are Panch Phoron Taarkari, Poora Mach, Chhum Han (steamed vegetables), Koat Pitha and Misa Mach Poora.

Mizo Cuisine: Common Ingredients

The primary staple food of the Mizoram people is rice while the most common non-vegetarian food item is fish. Mustard oil is the most preferred medium of cooking most Mizoram food items. However, the dishes are cooked with the least amount of oil. Bamboo shoots are amongst the most used vegetables in Mizo cuisine and among meats, ducks have a special place.

Food of Mizoram: Cooking Methods

Boiling, steaming and sautéing are the most preferred cooking methods followed in Mizoram cuisine, as the whole motive is to retain the maximum possible nutritive value of the ingredients.

Mizoram Cuisine: Popular Foods and Drinks

  • Side dish – Bai is a popular Mizoram food, generally savored with rice. This dish is made by boiling assorted vegetables, bamboo shoot, pork and spinach.
  • Vawksa Rep or smoked pork is another popular side dish where pork chunks are cooked in open fire and flavored with bamboo shoots and Anthur, a local herb.
  • Main dish – Sawchair is a popular rice dish in Mizoram, traditionally cooked with chicken or pork. Arsa Buhchiar is a porridge wherein a roasted whole chicken is cooked with sticky rice and flavored with local herbs.
  • Drinks – Locally made Lubrusca grape wine, especially the commercial brand “Zawlaidi” is the most preferred alcoholic beverage in this state. Amongst non-alcoholic drinks, Zu, a tea is the most common beverage.