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Medhu Vada

Medhu vada is a donut shaped golden brown colored crispy south Indian snack made of ground split black lentils, green chilies, ginger and peppercorns. It is usually a flattened round shaped vada with a hole in its center made either manually with hands or with specially designed machines. Medhu vada recipe is not only a typical home made dish but is also popular at street side stalls, south Indian restaurants or grand dinner parties throughout the country and across the globe.

Medhu Vada is a culinary preparation which belongs to the cuisine of Kerala, in India. The main ingredients used in preparing Medhu Vada Recipes are urad dal, rice, coconut, ginger, cumin seeds and pepper corns. Medhu Vada is cooked by deep frying till it turns golden brown. It is served as an appetizer, snack or as breakfast item. Medhu vada is served hot with chutney, sambhar or with idli.

Origin of Medhu vada Recipe

Medhu vada is a traditional south Indian delicacy where “Medhu” means “soft” and “vada” is derived from the word “vade” or “vadai”. In Kannada it is popular as Uddina vade and in Malayalam as Ullundhu vadai.

Ingredients and Method of Preparing Medhu vada

Medhu vada is prepared with urad dal, green chilies, ginger, peppercorns and curry leaves where the dal is washed and soaked in water for a few hours. It is then grinded together with other ingredients to a smooth fluffy batter and is left to ferment. As per the Medhu vada recipe, it is later flattened to a round shaped vada with a hole in the center and is thoroughly fried to golden brown crisp texture in coconut oil.

Variations in Medhu vada Dishes

Sometimes husked Bengal gram or rice may be ground together with urad dal to give the Medhu vada a crispier texture. The dish can be made with additional seasoning of asafetida and black pepper. Instead of the coconut oil any other edible oil can be used to fry the south Indian vada.

Serving Medhu vada

When done it is finally drained on an absorbent paper and is served hot with sambar, coconut chutney and green garlic chutney either as breakfast item, starter or as a part of the main meal. The delicacy is popularly served dipped in sambar and as a combo meal with warm idlis. In alteration to this traditional style, the delicacy can also be served as dahi vada by topping the moistened and squeezed vada with curd, tamarind chutney and spices.

Some Health Facts Related to Medhu vada Recipes

Medhu vada is a highly caloric food with considerable amount of fat, cholesterol, carbohydrate, sodium and iron. Being a deep fried dish it is not preferable for those suffering from heart diseases and obesity. However, the extra oil and the calorie in the dish get reduced when served after being soaked in water in the form of a dahi vada.