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Masala Dosa

Masala dosa is a very think pancake roll. Masala dosa is an Indian recipe and very popular food in South India.

How to Make Masala Dosa

For Masala dosa, you need rice or semolina flour. Other ingredients are salt and yogurt. Filling of dosa is done with boiled potatoes cooked with sliced onion, chickpea dhal, curry leaves (for flavor) and black mustard seeds. In rice flour, salt and yogurt is added to make a batter and kept aside for at least 5-6 hours for fermentation. At the time of serving, batter is poured on the hot pan to make a very thin sheet like pancake. It should be cooked from one side and on the other side, filling mixture is put. After that, pan cake is rolled from both the sides and served with coconut chutney or sambhar (south Indian soup).

Masala Dosa Recipes

Masala dosa is a very low-calorie food and due to its crispy texture, it is well liked by Indians. Rawa masala dosa, paneer masala dosa and spinach masala dosa are some variations in masala dosa recipes.