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Mangodi refers to a savoryRajashthani condiment consisting of sun-dried chunks of the dal. It is a solution to preserve and avail vegetables and lentils by dehydrating in the arid desert region of Rajasthan where it is an uphill task to rear vegetables all through the year even when there is no season. Mangodis are particularly popular in the city of Jodhpur in Rajasthan. They are used as condiments and mixed with other vegetables and prepared. Mangodis are incorporated in a plenty of recipes including curries, gravies and stews. It is not exactly known how and by whom mangodi was invented although it has been prepared in the households of Rajasthan since centuries.

Ingredients Used and Popular Methods of Preparation in Mangodi Recipe

Mangodi is easy to make and takes in a few ingredients. The ingredients required to make mangodi include - moong dal, hesarubele, split green gram or urad dal or split black gram

green chilies or red chili powder, hing or asafoetida, ginger and salt. The dal is soaked for about 2 to 3 hours and then ground with the other ingredients into a paste. The paste is then placed into small units spread on a polythene sheet and allowed to dry in the sun. The dried units are the mangodi that are collected and stored in airtight containers. These mangodi pieces can be incorporated in recipes as they are from time to time.

Serving and Eating Mangodi

Mangodi used in various recipes is popularly eaten with chappatis or rotis in Rajasthan. Of late mangodi is also being incorporated with rice in recipes.

Popular Mangodi Recipe Variations

  • Aloo Mangodi is a spicy and flavourful mangodi recipe that incorporates varied ingredients besides potatoes and mangodi including spices, tomatoes, yogurt and seasonings.
  • Methi Mangodi is an exclusive mangodi recipe made with mangodis incorporating methi. The Tarla Dalal’s version of this recipe is very popular
  • Dhaniya Mangodi is a great mangodi recipe that incorporates dhania or coriander leaves with mangodi.
  • Mangodi pulav is yet another mangodi recipe, a delicacy from Rajasthan where mangodi is incorporated with rice to make a delicious pulav.
  • Palak mangodi is a delightful mangodi recipe that uses palak with mangodi to make a delicious side dish with rotis.

Health and Nutrition Facts of Mangodi

Mangodi is fairly nutritious and low in fat values. It is a good source of protein and potassium coming from the moong dal and in capsaicin coming from the green chillies.