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Mango Pickle

Mango pickle is a pickle made with raw mangoes. It is a popular Indian pickle which has a wide variety of recipes across geographical regions. It is called ‘Aam ka achar’ in India, and is the most commonly found pickle here. It is also popular in many other countries of the world. The common mango pickle recipe typically suggests raw mangoes, oil, spices and salt as the basic ingredients.

Mango pickle is often prepared during summer season in Indian homes, as this is the time when raw mango is found in abundance. It is kept out in the hot summer sun, and salt, spices and oil added to it act as preservatives. Commercial mango pickle recipe suggests use of sodium benzoate and citric acid as preservatives. Mango pickle is stored in air-tight glass or porcelain jars.

Ingredients Used and Popular Method of Preparation of Mango Pickle

Ingredients: Raw mango is the primary ingredient for this pickle. It may be a particular variety of mango, or at a particular stage of the life cycle, as per the mango pickle recipe. Spices used generally include red chili, mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds and curry leaves. Salt is used for taste as well as a preservative. Many other spices can be used in different recipes.

Method of Preparation: The raw mangoes are cleaned and wiped so that there is no moisture. They are then cut into half, along with the mango seed. The pulp is removed, and they are cut into smaller pieces, each piece containing a part of the shell. Now mustard seeds and curry leaves are spluttered in a small quantity of oil, and chili powder, salt and fenugreek powder are added to this. The oil is removed from heat and mixed with the mango pieces. The mixture is put into a glass jar, and sesame oil is added to it. This pickle is left in the sun for a couple of days, after which it is ready to consume.

Serving and Eating Mango Pickle

Mango pickle is served as a condiment with other dishes like paratha or pulao.

Popular Mango Pickle Variations

Mangopickle has numerous variations across regions. For example, inGujrat in India, there is a salty variant made of raw mangoes, groundnut oil, red chili and fenugreek seeds and another hot and sweet variant that uses sugar syrup, chili powder and cumin.

‘Jeerige midi’ is a variant from the Indian state of Karnataka, which is made by a special variety of tender mangoes carrying a special aroma.

Health and Nutrition Facts about Mango Pickle

Mango pickleis made of raw mango, which is an excellent source of vitamin C. Besides this, most of the spices suggested by the mango pickle recipe like mustard, fenugreek and curry leaves have a beneficial effect on the digestion system.