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The cuisine of the entire Tamil Nadu region in South India is collectively known as Mangalorean cuisine. The food of Mangalorean communities like Bunts, Billavas, Mogoveeras, Udipi and Saraswat Brahmins all come under Mangaolorean cuisines. Magalorean recipes are generally spicy and fresh coconut forms an integral part of Mangalorean food.

Common Ingredients in Mangalorean Recipes

Mangalorean cuisine is very much a South Indian cuisine and its influence is very apparent. Curry leaves and coconut are common ingredients in almost all Mangalorean curries. Chilli, ginger and garlic are used in abundance.

Mangalorean Food Varieties

Magalorean cuisine is famous for its fish curry. Other well-known dishes include Kori Rotti(rice flakes dipped in gravy Neer dosa(lacy rice crepes), Beeja-Manoli Upkari(cashewnuts and tendli mix), Bangude Pulimunchi (greysh silver mackerels), Kadubu(sweet steamed rice dumpling ), Boothai Gassi(sardines in red chilli) and Patrode(collard greens leaves steam cooked and stuffed with a spicy mixture of dal, rice and rolled in banana leaves). The Konkani cuisine which is a part of Mangalorean cuisine features popular dishes like beebe-upkari (cashew based curry), Daali thoy (simple recipe made from daal and chillies), Kadgi chakko(coconut based side dish), avnas ambe sasam(sweet dish made using pineapple, mango, jaggery and coconut) and chana gashi(Chickpeas in Coconut sauce). Sanna-Dukra Maas (idli fluffed with yeast or toddy) is famous in Northern Mangalore amongst Mangalore Catholics. Sorpotel, ork Bafat and the Mutton Biryani are dishes that are popular with Mangalore muslims.

Rice is the staple food in Mangalore and is cooked in various forms like rotis or pancakes. Fruits such as breadfruit, jackfruit, sweet cucumber, banana, spinach besale are used a lot too.

A prominent feature of Mangalorean sweet dishes is that jaggery made of palm is almost always used instead of sugar. Many of the sweet dishes have unmistakable tastes of mango, tamarind, kokum and jaggery.

Mangalorean Non-Vegetarian Recipes

Mangalore non-vegetarian dishes have Portuguese influence which is apparent in dishes like laitao(famous pork roast) and Pork Sarpotel. Mangaloreans have the mysterious custom of mixing pork blood in their pork preparations and this routine is done with dishes like Cabidela, Pork Bafat, and Kalleze un Kiti(intestine and heart curry). Kunkda Maas (chicken), Bokrea Maas (mutton) and Chicken Indaz are other popular non vegetarian dishes. Rosachi kadi(fish curry made with coconut milk) is very popular and is customarily served during Mangalorean Catholic wedding.