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Malvani cuisine consists of the collection of dishes and drinks from Konkan region in Maharashtra and Goa, which consists of mostly non-vegetarian preparations containing meats and seafood. Certain vegetarian dishes are also popular in Malvani cuisine, particularly among the Konkanashta Brahmins who eat vegetarian food that is not too spicy. Malvani food gets its name from the town of 'Malvan' on the west coast of Maharashtra.

Ingredients Commonly Used in Malvani Food

Malvani cuisine is known for ingredients like fish and different types of spices. Here are some of the most common ingredients of Malvani cuisine:

  • Coconut is a widely used ingredient, due to the proximity of the Malvani region to the sea. It may be used in various forms like grated, dry, fried, or as paste. Coconut milk and coconut oil also used.
  • Spices commonly used include coriander, peppercorn, cumin, red chilies, kokam, tamarind and raw mango.
  • Fish and seafood are important ingredients in Malvani food, and many hot and spicy dishes are prepared with them.

Popular Malvani Cuisine Dishes

Here are some of the popular dishes of Malvani cuisine:

  • Mori masala: It is a shark curry, eaten widely in coastal regions.
  • Kombdi Vade: Also called Murgh Malvani, it is a traditional dish consisting of chicken curry, vade or fried bread along with onions, solkadhi and lemon.
  • Solkadhi is a curry based drink made of coconut milk and kokam. It is served along with various dishes.
  • Bangda fry is a fried fish dish quite popular in Mumbai.
  • Dhondas is a baked dish made of cucumber, jaggery and rava.
  • Ghavan is a fried pancake having an attractive netted form.
  • Malvani Malpua is a popular sweet dish, which is prepared by deep frying. It is popularly eaten during the holy month of Ramzan.

Health Benefits of Malvani Cuisine Dishes

Malvani cuisine is rich in fish and seafood, and hence a rich source of high quality, low-fat protein and omega 3 acid. Seafood is known to be beneficial in conditions of obesity, heart disease and high blood pressure. Spices used in Malvani food come with their respective benefits. Red chili, which is most commonly used, is known to fight inflammations, bring relief in osteoarthritis pain, clear nasal congestion and boost immunity.