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Mallika Badrinath

Chef Mallika Badrinath is a popular culinary expert, cookbook author, television host and an educator in South India, hailing from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Her mantra is to be always positive and enjoy whatever she does. This is the unique selling point of her cooking and recipes. She has written a number of books as well as appeared on many television shows, telecast on various regional television channels of South India.

Chef Mallika Badrinath’s Professional Life

Being a housewife and a mother, Chef Mallika Badrinath is interested in making the everyday meals more tasty and interesting. She started experimenting with various ingredients to create different combinations. Soon, she had a collection of her own recipes and published them to be circulated among family and friends, who had appreciated her recipes and wanted to have a copy of the same. Something which started quite coincidentally, transformed into a full time profession for Mallika Badrinath. Hailing from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, she continued to write more cook books, as well as newspaper columns. Once she started getting offers to appear on the regional channels of South India, she became a household name among the housewives of South India. Soon after, her recipes and cooking techniques were found on various websites, enabling many housewives to benefit from the same.


100 Snacks Special (Vegetarian) is a book which has delicious and innovative recipes for starters and appetizers.

Popular TV Shows

Chef Mallika Badrinath has appeared on many television shows telecast on various channels in South India. She is known for her show ‘ Ungal Manasukku Pidichadhu Mattum ’ on Sun TV, and also for her show titled ‘ Arusuvai Neram ’ shown on Jaya TV, both of which are popular regional television channels of South India. Apart from the above two she has also appeared on many other popular channels.