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Maharashtrian Food comprises of delicious dishes that oscillate between bland to very spicy in flavors. Rice, cereals, lentils, and vegetables are widely used in Maharashtrian recipes. Maharashtrian cuisine comprises of the coastal Konkan cuisine and the interior Vardi cuisine. Maharashtrian cooking is health-oriented and does not mostly involve deep frying in oil and roasting.Maharashtrian Food is mostly cooked by steaming. Puran Poli, ukdiche Modak and batata wada are popular Maharashtrian foods that are fast gaining popularity in other cultures too.

The Maharashtrian food is rich in flavors varying from mild to extremely spicy dishes and Maharashtrian cuisine is a diverse sub cuisine of India. It is also known as Maharashtrian cuisine as it revolves around the food culture of Maharashtra state. Peanut and coconuts is a prominent feature of Maharashtrian recipes. Puran poli, batata wada and Modak are some of the popular and delectable Maharashtrian food recipes.

Maharashtrian cuisine offers a large variety of seafood preparations which have a blend of traditional and contemporary taste. Rice, wheat, vegetables and spices are the major constituents of Maharashtrian food.

Historical And Cultural Influences on Maharashtrian Food

Maharashtrian food is influenced by the various regions of Maharashtra and neighboring states. The preparation of food in this cuisine is quite similar to those of North Indian states; however, the spices like tamarind, kokum and coconut are some of the influences from South. Besides, every region in the state is known for its own food variations. The coastline of Maharashtra is known as Konkan and this region has a blend of Malvani, Goan and Gaud Saraswat cuisine. Similarly, the food in the interiors of the state has its own variations.

Ingredients Commonly Used In Maharashtrian Recipes

The Maharashtrian recipes make a large use of seasonal vegetables ranging from onions to egg plants. Fish is majorly brought into use while cooking Maharashtrian foods. Coconut, in the form of coconut milk and grated coconut is often used in various dishes of this cuisine. Peanut oil is the main cooking medium and peanuts and cashew nuts form an indispensable part of dishes in the state. Jaggery and tamarind provide the vegetables a unique sweet and sour taste and thus are the two commonly used ingredients of Maharashtrian foods. Besides, a purple color sour berry, called kokum is also extensively used in cooking.

Cooking Methods Adopted by Maharashtrian cuisine

There is a systematic planning followed by Maharashtrian chefs while cooking. The cooking style observes less usage of oil and the vegetables are preferably steamed. Deep frying is avoided and the seasoning is kept to minimum in Maharashtrian foods.

Traditional Maharashtrian recipes

  • Pachadi- This dish is made by cooking brinjals with green mangoes. This dish is sweet and sour in taste and is usually served with coconut and jaggery.
  • Pitla Bhakri- It is one of the rural dishes of Maharashtra. It consist of a pasty made of pulse and is relished with a Maharashtrian bread called bhakri.

Festive and Special Maharashtrian Recipes

  • Puranpoli- It is a sweet delicacy of Maharashtra. The dish consists of stuffed sweet bread flavored with Indian spices.
  • Shrikhand- It is a dish made of strained yogurt which is sweetened and flavored with cardamom, sugar and saffron. Smooth and creamy in texture, it is served chilled with garnishing of nuts.

Popular Maharashtrian Recipes

  • Poha- It is a popular snack item throughout India. The recipe makes use of flattened rice combined with vegetables and spices. Poha is usually eaten at breakfasts with tea or coffee.
  • Bharli vangi- This Maharashtrian food actually comprises of eggplants stuffed with a delicious and spicy mixture of peanuts and coconuts.
  • Wada pav- This is an Indian version of sandwich made by burger bun called pav. Pav contains deep fried spicy potato mixture called vada. Vada pav is mostly accompanied with chutney and green chilies.