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Madurai food is fresh and healthful. Madurai is considered to be the quintessential food capital of South India. The cooking here has had a profound influence on the cuisines of South India. Madurai is a pilgrimage spot and the food is mostly vegetarian and generally cooked in coconut oil. There is a generous use of lettuce leaves, brinjals, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, ladies finger and cauliflower in Madurai culinary.

Mysore Cuisine - Breakfast
Madurai is famous for many varieties of dosa(a thin pancake made with rice batter). Plain dosa, paper roast(thin dosa made with lots of ghee), masala dosa(dosa with cooked potato) and onion dosa are some of the popular varieties of dosa. Other breakfast preparations include idiyappam(rice noodles), chappati(what pancake without oil), paratha(similar to chapathi), poori(wheat flour fried in oil) amongst others.

Lunch in Madurai is generally vegetarian. A typical south Indian meal is served in banana leaves and consists of Rice, chapatti, rasam, and sambar served with cooked and friend vegetables mixed with coconut paste. Lunch is often served with pappad(fried wafers made of dal), pickles and paayasam(sweet dish made with rice or semolina)

Mysore Cuisine - Non Vegetarian Dishes
The food is mostly vegetarian but there are some good non vegetarian dishes. The staple non vegetarian food is fish fry and chicken fry but the region also has unique non vegetarian dishes like ayirai meen kuzhambu(small fish with hot sauce), “Moolai Varuval” (lamb brain cooked with lots of masala) and Dhum Biriyani(Chicken or Mutton rice cooked for long time under low heat) which are amongst the most popular of all Mysore food..