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Lucknow food refers to the cuisine of Lucknow (India), where all the food items have their own unique identity and distinctiveness, with a strong influence of the traditional Mughal royal cuisine. All the cooks are taught professionally to provide a distinct regal look and taste to the food.

Historical Influence on Lucknow Cuisine

A royal touch is given to the food of Lucknow, where it has been highly influenced by Mughals. At the time of Mughals, the food in Lucknow was originally cooked taking into account the minute details so as to make sure that it appeared impeccably perfect for the Mughal kings. The cuisine of Lucknow is now highly influenced by the cooking techniques and styles which used to be followed during the Mughal reign and maintaining a good degree of fineness and flair in the food preparation is considered a crucial step.

Cooking Methods Adopted in Lucknow Cuisine

Lucknow food is cooked in a very unique manner, which is known as “Dum” style, where the food is usually cooked at a very low level of flame for a long time period. Also, while preparing the food in Lucknow, utmost care is taken to blend the spices in a proper manner and in a correct proportion, so that the intense flavor of the dish is maintained. Cooks of Lucknow believe that this is something which requires great level of perfection and practice.

Popular Lucknow Foods or Recipes

Most of the foods in Lucknow are famous both for their ingredients and their method of preparation and presentation. A few famous foods of Lucknow are given hereunder:

  • Korma –this is a specialty of Lucknow which is a kind of curry prepared with cream, yogurt, and coconut milk. Both non vegetarian and vegetarian versions of this dish are available.

  • Nahari-kulchas –this is a popular Lucknow food where mutton preparation is served with kulchas; however, originally nahari referred to beef dishes instead of mutton dishes.

  • Zarda-traditional dessert where rice is cooked in sugar based syrup.

  • Sheermal –a traditional flatbread of Lucknow which is flavored with saffron.

  • Roomali rotis –this are extremely thin and big round rotis made up of maida (white flour), normally eaten with non-vegetarian gravy based dishes.

  • Warqi parathas –these are crispy parathas cooked in ghee until brown and crisp from both sides.

  • Kebabs -Among all kinds of foods in Lucknow, meatballs or kebabs are highly popular Lucknow food items which are available in several different forms. Shami kebabs, kakori kebabs, seekh kebabs and boti kebabs are a few popular kebabs in lucknow.