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Luchi is a soft and deep-fried flatbread made of refined wheat flour. This dish is around 4 to 5 inches in diameter and is served as an accompaniment such as gravy or curry. When fried, it puffs up with air. The luchi recipe is also made with stuffing. The stuffed version is known as kochuri. However, it is the non-stuffed version that is commonly eaten in Orissa, Assam and Bengal in India. This is a traditional dish of Indian origin.

History of the Luchi Recipe

This ancient dish originated in India and is a favorite in Bengal. It is not a complete dish in itself unless stuffed. This dish is combined with vegetables, especially eggplant and other gravies or curries. There are many stuffed variants of this dish. Luchi is eaten as a main course and tastes best with alur dom (potato bhaji). This delicacy was traditionally eaten during festivals. It is also eaten as breakfast and can be very filling.

Ingredients and Preparation Method of Luchis

Luchi is made with wheat flour (Indian name, maida), salt, ghee and warm water. The dough is kneaded and rolled into a flat circular bread. It is deep fried in ghee or cooking oil until golden brown and served hot. The luchi tends to puff as soon as it comes in contact with hot oil. This occurs due to vaporization. The ingredients are different for the stuffed variant. The stuffing is made of finely ground urad dal (rather urad dal paste), aniseed, cumin seed, onion seeds, salt and a pinch of sugar. These ingredients are stuffed in balls made of wheat dough and rolled out before frying. Another variant of stuffed luchi includes mashed peas.

Serving Method of the Luchi Recipe

This dish is served with different types of gravies in different parts of the country. Typically, it is served with eggplant or potato bhaji. In Bengal it is also served with fish curry and mutton dishes.

Health and Nutritional Value of Luchis

This dish is high in calories and carbohydrates since it is deep fried in ghee or cooking oil. It can be made healthy by switching over to multi-grain flour instead of refined wheat flour. However, the taste may change due to flour.

The dough for this dish can be prepared and stored for several hours.