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Lamb Korma

Lamb Korma is a meat dish that is prepared by marinating the minced meat with yogurt or coconut milk, along with spices and sometimes vegetables. Lamb korma recipe ranges from mildly spicy to heavy spicy, where a lot depends on how much red chili powder is used in the making of lamb korma. Lamb korma is often treated as a curry dish; however, the term korma is used as a cooking technique in UK instead of a recipe.

History Of Lamb Korma:

Lamb korma recipe can be traced back to the 16th century Mughlai cuisine and has an Indo-Persian influence in its preparation. Subsequently, lamb korma recipe became popular in Southern Asia, where the cooking method started varying from one region to the other.

Ingredients & Method Used In Lamb Korma:

The thick curry of lamb korma is prepared from tomatoes and onions, mixed with ground coriander, cinnamon, cumin and other Indian spices. Braising the meat over low-heat is the most crucial part of the cooking the dish. The marinade juice from the lamb is further used in the making of lamb korma curry. Based on the preference the curry is cooked upto the desired consistency or till the time it attains the desired thickness. Variations In Lamb Korma: In South Indian cooking, the popular coconut milk is mostly used in preparing lamb korma. But in general yogurt makes the vital ingredient of the lamb korma recipe. Lamb korma happens to be one among several other korma variations cooked in India and overseas. Lamb is often replaced with beef, chicken or pork, the latter being not so prominent in Indian cooking. Lamb korma can be served with rotis or chapattis, parathas (pan-fried flat bread) and naan (leavened flat bread). A bit of spicy achaar (pickle) on the side goes well with the dish.