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Lamb Curry

Lamb Curry is a traditional gravy based dish of North India prepared with the meat of lamb and spices. It is considered to be the traditional preparation of Northern India and Pakistan, with the Kashmiri version being known as Rogan Josh. The dish is highly aromatic and is considered to be a delicacy by the Western World.

The curry is not as fiery as those made with other meats and is usually served with basmati rice or thick Indian breads. The British chefs have developed their own versions of the curry where it is cooked with boneless meat and curry pastes. The dish is also prepared with ground meat and uses either coconut milk or yogurt as one of the principle ingredients. The Mediterranean curry is sweet in taste as it is cooked with the core of apples along with chutney or relishes as well as low fat milk.

The curry differs from region to region as it is cooked with a variety of locally available ingredients. A thin, stew-like curry is also prepared by Indians for everyday consumption, which consists of potatoes and peas added to the gravy as well.

Overview of Lamb Curry Recipes

The meat is cooked by frying onions until golden brown and adding the meat along with the spice powder comprising turmeric, chili, ginger, garlic paste and chopped tomatoes. The meat is cooked over slow fire until it becomes tender and brought to a boil by adding yogurt or coconut milk. Plain water is also used occasionally, especially if the dish is meant for home consumption.

Curry leaves are added to the dish in Southern India, whereas it is garnished with cilantro leaves in the Northern region of the country and Pakistan.

Variations of Lamb Curry Recipes

There are quite a few curry dishes cooked with lamb meat. The most popular ones include:-

  • Lamb Rogan Josh- This is a traditional slow cooked lamb curry dish belonging to the Kashmiri cuisine. It is cooked with dry roasted spices and fresh yogurt and served with a sprinkling of fresh coriander and grated nutmeg.
  • Lamb Madras Curry- A highly spiced dish prepared with coriander, cumin, ginger, garlic and onion, apart from dry roasted red chili powder.
  • Thai Green Lamb Curry- A slow-cooked Thai dish that uses the traditional green curry paste and galangal along with fish sauce and coconut milk for cooking.
  • Kalah Pacha- A traditional Afghani curry cooked with the head of lambs.
  • Lamb Balti- This is a specialty UK food cooked in the Balti style where the marinated lamb meat is fried along with sweet potatoes and cooked in balti sauce with dates and green beans.


The term lamb curry is used interchangeably with mutton curry in India.