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Kuzhi Paniyaram

Kuzhi Paniyaram is a South Indian dish which is made by steaming balls of batter made with fermented rice, lentils, vegetables and seasonings. The dish can be made in both sweet and savory forms, and the savory variant is called Kaara Kuzhi Paniyaram. The dish is commonly kept in children’s lunchboxes, as it is a delicious, as well as, a nutritious dish containing most essential nutrients required for the child’s growth.

Kuzhi Paniyaram Recipe-Ingredients Used and Overview

Ingredients: Ingredients required for preparing the dish include raw rice, idli rice, split black gram, fenugreek seeds, finely chopped onions, green chilies, ginger, curry leaves, mustard, cumin seeds, oil, coriander leaves and salt. Instead of using rice, gram and fenugreek seeds to prepare the fermented Kuzhi Paniyaram batter, when the time available for preparation is less, one can also use leftover batter of idli or dosa for preparing the dish. Vegetables of one’s choice can also be added to the batter in finely chopped form. Turmeric powder can also be optionally added.

Method of Preparation: To prepare the dish, both types of rice and black gram are mixed with water along with fenugreek seeds, and allowed to soak overnight. They are then ground next morning, and salt is added, and the batter is allowed to ferment for a minimum of 6 hours. After this, cumin, mustard, split black gram and curry leaves are sautéed in heated oil, followed by onions, ginger and green chilies. The sautéed mixture is added to the fermented kuzhi paniyaram batter and mixed well. Finely chopped coriander leaves are also mixed in, and so are any other finely chopped vegetables that need to be added. The paniyaram pan’s holes or kuzhis are greased, and batter placed in each hole with a ladle, after which the batter is cooked till the surface has browned evenly. The paniyarams are flipped over and cooked from the other side as well. They are then removed from the pan and the process is repeated with the rest of the batter. The dish is cooked on a low or medium flame for best results. A high flame can cause over-cooking and an undesired dark color on the outside and uncooked batter on the inside.

Serving Kuzhi Paniyaram

The dish is served with chutney and is consumed as a snack or breakfast item.