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Karnataka food refers to the food prepared by the people of the State of Karnataka, India. The cuisine of this region comprises both pure vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods.

Cultural and Geographical Influences

The Karnakata cuisine is influenced by the cuisines of its neighboring states Kerala, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu. The state comprises people who are pure vegetarians, who do not eat meat due to religious and ethical reasons. The areas in Coastal Karnataka are known for the fish curries as seafood is readily available here.

Cuisine Classification

Karnataka cuisine is classified into that of North Karnataka and South Karnataka with cuisines specific to the numerous communities that live here. The Udupi cuisine and Coorg cuisine are some of the famous Karnataka cuisines.

Commonly Used Ingredients

Rice, wheat, rava, dals, and vegetables are commonly used here. Sugar, jaggery, ghee, seasonal fruits and vegetables are also widely used.

Everyday Food

A variety of rice dishes with sambar, saaru, kosambari, and kootu are everyday Karnataka foods. These comprise an entire meal for lunch. The saaru is a watery dish similar to rasam and is served over rice. Kosambari and kootu are vegetable side dishes that are served with rice. Breakfast and dinner might include idli, dosa, khara pongal, uppitu, and chapati with vegetable side dishes. The uppitu is otherwise known as upma in other South Indian States and is made of rava. Different varieties of chutneys are served with sambar as side dishes to these breakfast/dinner dishes. Non-vegetarian dishes such as pork curry and seafood curries are specialties in Coorg and coastal Karnataka respectively. Snacks such as bajji or bonda are made with flour and deep-fried with vegetable filling. Vade, nipattu, and khara mandaki are some of the other snacks of this region.

Traditional Food

Bisi bele bath is a traditional rice-based Karnataka food, which is popular in other places. Chitranna, mosaranna, and puliyogare are other rice dishes made here. Devanagere Benne dosa, mysore masala dosa, jolada roti, akki roti, ragi roti, ragi mudde, and vangibath are other traditional foods of this region. The raggi mudde is made with ragi flour and is served with sambar. Devanagere Benne dosa is a dosa made with liberal use of butter. The masala dosa is stuffed with a spicy vegetable filling in the middle. The jolada roti is made with sorghum flour, while akki roti is made with rice flour with onion, sesame seeds, and carrots.

Festival Foods

The Mysore pak is a delicacy made with chickpea flour that is well-known world wide. Other sweets from this region include dharwad pedha, obbattu, chiroti, laddoo, kadabu, huggi, ginnu, and tambittu. The obattu is a sweet pancake which is made with coconut, sugar or jaggery. Kadabu is deep fried with a sweet filling. Huggi is made with rice, coconut, and milk. Mandige is leavened pastry that is made during festivals. Madli is another delicacy that is a must during marriage ceremonies. Paayasa is a milk-based sweet dish which is made at every occasion.

Food Recipes Popular in Foreign Culture

Mysore pak, bisi bele bath, and mamu puri are popular overseas. The mamu puri is made with flour, sugar, ghee, and khoa.

Customary Way of Serving Karnataka Food

Serving food on banana leaf is a traditional way of serving food in this region.

Health Benefits of Karnataka Cuisine

The Karnataka cuisine uses all varieties of wheat, lentils, pulses, and vegetables in an entire meal and is, therefore, a good source of protein, vitamins, and carbohydrates. The entire meal is, therefore, very nutritious. The usage of jaggery, which is better than white sugar, is more in this cuisine.