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Karen Anand

Karen Anand is an epicure, food consultant, cook book author and a business woman. She is a lady with many roles and traits.

Her rendezvous with exotic food is an anecdote. She has started her career in culinary world with a brief training in this field and stepped into catering and restaurant business. Karen Anand recipes are quiet popular among food lovers and the lady herself penned them in her cook books.

Professional Life of Karen Anand

Born in Mumbai, Karen Anand has spent her childhood in London with her parents. Paris and England are the places where she has obtained her education. Karen is an B.A (Hons) graduate from Sussex University and also spent three years in Russia.

Her culinary expedition started with a brief training in Michelin starred restaurant named ‘Lucas Carton’, Paris. This restaurant belongs to Alain Sanderen. That was the first milestone of her gourmand life and she never looked back again. In 1991, Mumbai got first of its kind restaurant at Piano Bar called ‘The Salad Bar’. By the name itself it is clear that the restaurant is specialized in salads.

Karen Anand is also credited with the first European style shop for cold foods and cheese in Mumbai . Karen Anand recipes for marmalades and jams earned lots of popularity among her clients and she started her own brand for the same.

Notable Achievements of Karen Anand

Karen is attributed with various awards, cook books and food shows.

Food Shows:

  • In 1998, Karen Anand anchored the famous Star Plus food show ‘The Good Food Guide’.
  • Also anchored CNBC show ‘Trend Mill’s’ segment dedicated to Food and wine in 2003.
  • Presently doing a food show on Star One called ‘Karen Anand’s Cook Na Kaho’.

Cook Books:

  • The Food of India- Published in 1998, this book contains amazing Karen Anand recipes based on Indian cuisine.
  • Lean Cuisine Curries – This book was also released in 1998. It is based on the curry recipes created by Karen.
  • Karen Anand’s International Cooking – This is among the best sellers 0f 2003 and have some fabulous international recipes of Anand.
  • Simple Cooling for Smart Men – This cook book is especially created for young men and it was released in 2005.

Other Achievements:

  • She has won ‘French Food and Spirit Award’ in 2006. The award is presented to her for her extraordinary service in promoting French wine and food in India
  • Karen Anand is also the owner of an entrepreneurship involved in Gourmet and catering business. Her epicurean academy is also a huge success in terms of nurturing the future chefs.