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Jharkhand food is famous for its distinctive style and poised recipes that truly belong to the Bihari Indian cuisine. Dal(lentil), bhat(rice) and tarkari(vegetables) are considered to be the form the staple trio of Jharkhandi recipes.

The native folks of the state are quiet strict about their eating habits and the traditional recipes include litti and chokha. Spicy non-vegetarian food is also a highlight of this cuisine.

Historical and Cultural Influences on Jharkhand Cuisine
The typical Jharkhand food is the reflection of the eating habits and food culture of the native land, but it also has a slight touch of Mughlai cooking. The non-vegetarian dishes are usually prepared in Mughlai style and are popular among a considerable amount of people in the state.

The classic dishes of Jharkhandi cuisine are still the same as they are not usually commercialized like other cuisine dishes. It is also little difficult to find traditional dishes of Jharkhand in the restaurants, within the state as well as outside.

Classification of the Cuisine of Jharkhand
Jharkhand is an eastern state of India and various districts that are famous for their foods and dishes fall under this state. Ranchi, Dhanbad, Bokaro and Jamshedpur are some of the highly commercialized town and districts in the state. Each and every town has its own style of cooking and food serving traditions that collectively form the food of Jharkhand.

Ingredients Used by Jharkhandi Cuisine
The varied food items found in the cuisine of Jharkhand include various kinds of lentils, vegetables and rice. Rice is the main crop use to make several dishes such as chapatti, pith and Dhuski.

Mutton and chicken are widely used to make non-vegetarian dishes. Even fish is also well-liked by the people of the state. Tribal people in Jharkhand are fond of using various flowers as vegetables. Drumstick flowers and jhirool are the varieties of such flowery vegetables. Palak, bathua, methi and chana are the main saag vegetables used in Jharkhand food.

Among fruits, blackberry, litchi and mangoes are the popular varieties.

Nutritional Value of Food in Jharkhand
Various traditional foods belonging to the cuisine are famous for their medicinal values. Various pluses available locally in the state are used as a cure for kidney stone. Sattu, that is the integral part of the Jharkhand food is quiet beneficial in hot weather and it is really refreshing and filling.