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Jhangri also popularly known as imarti is a sweet savoured by all Indians. It is supposed to be a sweet popular among North Indians and South Indians originally and is known for its rich yellow colour and amazing taste.

History of Jhangri

Jhangri recipe has been a popular sweet recipe among Indians for a very long time. This deep fried and sugar syrup soaked sweet is made of urad daal and is traditionally made for special occassions.

Ingredients Used and Popular Methods of Preparation of Jhangri

The main ingredients to be used for this sweet as pointed in the jhangri recipe are a special kind of urad daal, ghee or clarified butter, saffron and sugar syrup. The imartis get their vibrant colour from the saffron and the flavour comes from the use of desi ghee.

Serving and Eating Jhangri

Jhangris can be eaten as a part of breakfast, lunch or dinner. In North India imarti is relished as a breakfast dish along with curd. However, in Southern and Eastern India this sweet is served as a dessert. It is also a very popular sweet served in special occasions like weddings. Hot jhangris served with cold vanilla ice cream is loved by many.

Types of Jhangris

Like its various names, imarti can be of various types also. The original jhangri recipe does not mention the addition of cardamom to the sugar syrup. Also the shape and sizes of imarti has been changed according to the liking of the people.

Health and Nutrition Facts of Jhangri

This sweet has high calorie and sugar content and is also high in saturated fats.