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Jalfrezi is a popular Indian dish in which marinated vegetables or meat are put in thick spicy Indian curry. Jalfrezi or Zalfrezi is a curry, more variety of thick curry sauce in which mutton pieces or cut vegetables are added. During the British rule in India, chefs used to make this for reheating leftover meat. The word Jalâ comes from the Bengali equivalent of ˜too hotâ while Pharezi is Urdu for one with a select taste. There are many types of Jalfrezi recipes like Mutton Jalfrezi, Vegetable Jalfrezi, Chicken Jalfrezi, Paneer Jalfrezi and Prawn Jalfrezi too. It can also be said that Vegetable Jalfrezi is Indian version of Chinese stir-fry vegetables in spicy Indian curry. Jalfrezi is served in most Indian restaurants.

How to cook Jalfrezi?

At the time of Mughals in India, Jalfrezi was a way of using leftover vegetables and meat. Many chilies were added to give a fresh taste to the curry. It makes the dish very spicy and hot. Now Jalfrezi is a delicacy in Indian cuisine and all over the world. Onion paste, ginger-garlic paste, tomato paste and dry spices like chili pd., coriander pd., and turmeric, salt are the main ingredients of Jalfrezi. Saffron is also an important ingredient added to the dish. Marinated meat or vegetables are fired before adding to the curry.

Jalfrezi chicken, nalli gosht with jalfrezi, beef jalfrezi and easy chicken jalfrezi with vegetables are some common jalfrezi recipes that can be made on everyday basis.