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Indore food is particularly renowned for its taste and variety. Termed as the street food capital of India, the city teems with activity well past midnight with many wayside stalls doing brisk business selling food items on the streets. The Namkeen or salty snack items are the main food items tat has placed Indore on the culinary map of India.

Many appetizers like the jal jeera and santrol are sold throughout the city while its cuisine is predominantly vegetarian. The Malwa cuisine is almost synonymous with the traditional food served in Indore and forms one of the main basis of the Central Indian cuisine.

Historical And Cultural Influences On Food In Indore

Historically the city of Indore has been influenced by the Marathas, Mughals and Britishers alike. Indore food has traces of all the influences but adheres predominantly to the regional Malwa cuisine. The influence of Maharashtra and its food on Indore has been profound too and the local language spoken by the people is also Marathi. The British influence has been limited as far as the food is concerned on account of the vegetarianism practiced by the inhabitants of the city.

Popular Food In Indore

Poha- Flattened rice flakes fried or dry roasted with a number of spices.

Rogan Josh- A particularly spicy lamb curry cooked in the Malwa style.

Bhutte ki Kees- a dish prepared with corn and milk.

Chakki ki Shaak- a form of heated dough consumed with curd.

Flavored Lassi- A yogurt based drink flavored with fruit.

Shikanji- A cold, spiced drink.

Mawa-bati, Shreekhand and Khoprapak- Are the famous sweets available in the city.

Saboodana Khichdi- A savory dish prepared with lentils and Pearl Sago.

Places Famous for Indore Foods

Chappan Chowk- A food street consisting of 56 shops all selling food.

Sharapa- Food shops open at night and do brisk business with the Chaats and Dal Baafla being the most coveted items.

Sayaji- Considered to be a great place for a good Indori breakfast.

Indori Food: Trivia

The tourists of the region are frequently surprised to find Indore food like the pani puris being fried in pure ghee.