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Indian Salad

Indian salad, as the name suggests, is the common term used for the salads that are typical to the country India. Salads are very common to Indian cuisine and can be eaten at almost any time of the day. Considered to be healthy and low in fat, Indian salads can be prepared with fresh or canned vegetables, fruits, seafood and even eggs.

Popular Indian Salads

  • Kosumbari- It is a popular Indian salad recipe belonging to Karnataka state. The salad is prepared using lentil, cucumber and vegetables. The salad is a rich source of protein and is a must-serve dish for all occasions and festivals.
  • Kachumbar- An easy and tasty salad prepared by mixing different vegetables,this salad is prepared in very less time and pairs with all Indian foods. It is usually served with spicy dips and crisps.
  • Red bean salad- A delicious Indian salad made by combining red beans with chopped onions, tomatoes and boiled potatoes. Sev (flour noodles) is sometimes added to give it a crunchy flavor.
  • Fruit salad- This salad is popular in every cuisine, and even Indians like it. The seasonal fruits are added to the salad along with chaat masala and lemon juice. At times, cream or butter is also added to enhance its flavor. The most common fruits used for this salad are apples, bananas, pomegranates, mango and papaya.
  • Salad basket- It is a unique salad preparation in which the mixture of vegetables is held in an edible basket. The baskets are easy to make by frying and once ready, tomatoes, potatoes, onion, capsicum, red chili powder, cucumber, sprouted lentil, salt and lime juice are added. Children love to have this salad and it is usually served as a starter in parties.

Benefits of Indian Salad

  • Rich in nutrition- The first and foremost benefit which is derived by consuming Indian Salad is that it provides enough nutrition in the form of vitamins and minerals. Also referred to as powerhouse of energy, these salads provide enough fiber to the body.
  • Helps losing weight- Indian salads are usually made of plenty of greens, beans and sprouts. These salads are not only delicious but also make a filling and nutritive meal which furthers helps in losing weight.
  • Aids digestion- The fiber content provided to the body helps in bowel movement and gives relief from digestive problems.
  • Good for overall health- Indian salads are mostly vegetarian and are therefore low on calories and fat. These salads help controlling weight, blood pressure and sugar level. Therefore, consumption of Indian salad helps in attaining overall health.