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Idiyappam is a cuisine, which is specially prepared in Kerala and Tamilnadu, which resembles like a string hoppers that is white in appearance and is made by using rice or wheat flour, water and salt. This delicacy is also prepared and is famous in Sri Lanka. It is also known as noolappam or noolputtu in Tamilnadu, which is known as strings. It should not be served at lunch and if it is prepared by using wheat flour, it appears brown in color. Idiyappam is a lip smacking recipe which tastes better when served with egg curry or with any spicy curry.

Ingredients and Method of Preparation as per Idiyappam Recipe

The basic ingredients that are suggested for this recipe are rice flour, water, ghee or butter, salt and grated coconut. On a stove, a vessel is kept and water is added and is kept for boiling. Then salt and ghee is added to the water until it boils. After water is boiled, the rice flour is added and the stove is switched off and the batter is stirred until it becomes smooth and soft. The dough is filled in an idiyappam mould and then the idli tray is greased with oil. The dough should be allowed to pass through the moulds so that a thin layer is appeared, then fresh grated coconut is added, and later the process continues. Then the batter is steamed in a steamer as the water boils and is steamed for about 5 minutes.

Variations of Idiyappam

In this recipe many variations can take place - rice flour was traditionally used for preparing it but now wheat flour is presently used. Idiyappam can be prepared in a pressure cooker or in an idli steamer but first the flour is pressed into banana leaves. In Sri Lanka, it is prepared without adding ghee to it. Idiyappam recipe can be topped with powdered sugar and if it cools down then it can be broken and fried with onions, chillies, and this can be served warm or cold with sev, lemon juice, coriander and grated coconut.

Serving Idiyappam Recipe

It should be served hot as a main course at dinner or breakfast, which can be accompanied with egg, potato, fish or meat curry. It can be served along with coconut chutney and by topping it with ghee. Before serving, it is garnished with finely chopped coconut and with chopped coriander leaves. In Malabar region, it is served in a separate bowl by pouring sweetened coconut milk.

Some Health Facts Related to Idiyappam

Idiyappam recipe is a healthy and a rich cuisine, which consists of nutritional values such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Idiyappam is only healthy if it is steamed.