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Gujarati Sabji

Gujarati sabji is a generic term used for curries made in Gujarat, called ‘shaak’. The taste differs from region to region. Typically, Gujarati curries are sweet and sour as they use sugar and lime.

Types of Gujarati Sabjis

· Gujarati undhiyu – This is the most popular gujarati sabji. It is made of raw bananas, green peas, fenugreek dumplings, potatos, brinjal, beans and desiccated coconut. It is sweet and has a typical flavor of garlic.

· Ringna bataka nu shaak is a curry made of potatoes and brinjal. It is flavoured with garlic and peanuts are used to season the dish.

· Lasaniya bateka is a dry curry made by seasoning potatoes with garlic, curry leaves and other Indian spices.

· Sev tomato is a curry made of tomato and a gram flour snack called ‘sev’ is added.

· Ringna nu ohloh is another name for baingan bharta or smoked brinjal.

· Vagarela march is served as a condiment like pickle. It is spiced chillies.

· Bhinda nu shaak is an everyday dry okra curry made using ladies finger and Indian spices.


· Gujarati sabji is served with a popular Gujarati bread called thepla. It can also be served with bajra nu rotla.


· Jain Gujarati sabjis are made without onion garlic.

Health and Nutrition Facts

· Gujarati sabji is generally high in calories as it contains a lot of oil. Fat can be reduced and a healthier version can be made by pressure cooking the curry.

· Sugar can be replaced with jaggery as the latter is rich in iron and helps to increase the haemoglobin of the blood.