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Gudi Padwa

Gudi Padwa food is prepared by the Maharashtrian Hindus and Konkanis on the occasion of their New Year Day called Gudi Padwa( Chaitra Shukla Pratipada). Gudi Padwa recipes show many regional variations across Maharashtra. Gudi Padwa is known by different names in other regions of India and is celebrated in the month of March. Gudi Padwa recipes include popular Maharashtrian dishes like shrikhand, puris and kheer.

Traditional Gudi Padwa Recipes

There are various Gudi Padwa recipes that have been passed on since ancient times from one generation to the next. Here are some of the traditional Gudi Padwa recipes which are extremely popular in present times as well-

  • Shrikhand: Shrikhand recipe is one of the most popular Gudi Padwa recipes. Shrikhand is a dessert made of sweetened yogurt. It is prepared by tying up yoghurt in a cotton cloth, exerting pressure on it so that most of the water content of the yoghurt is strained through the cloth. It was traditionally hung from the wall and the water allowed to drip till desired consistency was achieved. The resulting yohurt is mixed with sugar, cardamom powder and saffron, and kept in the refrigerator. It is served chilled. The Shrikhand recipe shows many regional variations. One popular variant is Amrakhand, which consists of mango pulp mixed with the Shrikhand ingredients. Matho is another version in which fresh fruits are added. Shrikhand recipe can be experimented with in many ways.

  • Puri: Puri is a kind of bread prepared by deep frying flattened dough balls made of wheat flour. The dough balls are rolled into circular shape and deep fried in heated oil, till they puff up in the shape of a ball, and turn golden brown. They can be served hot or kept for later use. Puri is one of the common Gudi Padwa recipes for most regions of India.

  • Sannas: It is a soft and fluffy dish consisting of steamed rice, coconut, sugar, salt, yeast and Goan toddy. It is eaten with different types of curries or stir-fry dishes, or also on its own.

  • Kanangachi Kheer: is a sweet dish made of coconut milk, sweet potato, rice flour and jaggery.

Serving Gudi Padwa Food

On the occasion of Gudi Padwa, the houses are swept clean, and people make beautiful rangoli designs at their doorsteps, and wear new clothes. As per tradition, they begin the celebrations by offering prayers to God and consuming neem leaves or a paste made of neem leaves, jaggery and tamarind, which is considered to purify the blood and boost immunity. They spend the day with their near and dear ones, eating special Gudi Padwa food and sharing their Gudi padwa recipes with each other.